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A dental specialty concerned with diagnosis and treatment of irregularity of teeth and facial disharmony in children and adults.

Invisalign clear aligners

Invisalign is considered the most technologically advanced treatment modality in orthodontics, allowing the patient to enjoy a journey to a beautiful smile without interfering with their social life the way traditional braces do. Invisalign aligners are transparent and permit ease of access to brushing teeth, which reduces the possibility of tooth decay and inflammation of the gums during the phase of treatment. Furthermore, Invisalign does not necessitate any food restrictions. Among the significant advantages of Invisalign is fewer doctor visits to complete the course of treatment to obtain healthy teeth with a bright, confident smile.

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Metal Braces

Metal fixed braces are the traditional modality of orthodontic treatment with the capacity to treat all orthodontic problems. It involves placing metal brackets on teeth to help align them to the desired form to achieve healthy teeth with perfect function and a beautiful smile. Metal braces are stable on the teeth, and it is an ideal solution for customers who do not prefer the use of removable appliances.

Ceramic braces

This modality of treatment is fixed to teeth similar to metal braces, but it is made of a gradient of ceramic which is very similar to the color of teeth. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for orthodontic treatment of adults who are keen on having a stylish appearance during treatment.

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