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Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Teeth whitening is a common practice in dentistry to get a naturally beautiful smile, and it consists of two types

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Home Bleaching

A specially designed tray of the patient’s teeth is fabricated in our dental lab to accommodate the home bleaching gel. The gel can be applied on the teeth at home using the bleaching trays and can be worn for a certain period of time as instructed by the doctor. Whitening of the teeth appears gradually over 10 to 15 days to reach the final desired result.

In-Office Bleaching (Power Bleaching)

One to two visits are enough to get a beautiful natural smile using the latest and most effective methods of the teeth whitening in our office. The process involves a 30-60 minutes visit where the doctor applies a specially designed potent bleaching agent on the surfaces of teeth. Afterward, a special light is used to activate the bleaching agent to obtain the desired degree of whitening.

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